jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

Badalona, our city

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C.R. dijo...

Hi! We're students of Joan Maragall School and we're trying to show our city: Badalona.

Badalona is near the sea and we have wonderful beaches five minutes from our school building (we did P.E. there last year) and we also have a High Street right here with a lot of different shops and restaurants which has its end on the beach.
About those images, you can see an ancient boat that was used to fish a long time ago; in the second, there's a "Chiringuito" (a small bar on the sand); the third is the whole city we've been writing about.. as you see, it is huge and has a lot of public transport like buses, trains, underground and trams (an electric train).

We love this city, and we hope you like it too :)

Jenny & Laura

The smarts from Mioveni dijo...

Your city is beautiful!