domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2007


Students of the second year of Upper Secondary of Centre d' Estudis Joan Maragall in their classroom

Teacher's room with Jordi (the Philosophy teacher) checking attendance, Roser (Biology teacher) and Angueliki (Ancient Greek and Latin teacher).
Roser (Biology teacher). Marta (Catalan teacher), Angueliki (ancient Greek ands Latin teacher) Cati (English and French teacher and cordinator of Upper Secondary School)
Angueliki (ancient Greek ands Latin teacher) is sitting next to Toni (the Chemistry teacher)

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In_ Athens dijo...

Hello! You are a wonderful team. We are looking forward to meet you in Athens next year!

Partnership's Co-ordinator dijo...

Hello Jenny & Laura. It's nice to meet you on the blog. Sorry for my delay. Just now I look at your question! You can find the personality test on URL Partnership URL (This is the main blog of our partnership.

On this blog and in english language I have put the description of our project, the timetable and some details e.g. personality test etc.

Please, spend some minutes and tell us someting about you. You can upload some photos. You can paint some personality tests. I's very important for us to know you better. You can write us about the landscape in your region, what you like doing, talk about the way you live, about the sport you like playing, your aspirations and your ambitions....
Many kisses