domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Hi there!!

We’re two students from Joan Maragall and we’re in 2nd Batxillerat. We’re very different from each other even we’ve been friends since we started in this centre, so we’re going to make a description of ourselfs; Laura will do Jenny’s description and vice versa.

Jenny has 17 years old and lives in Badalona with her parents and her brother. She’s a so clever and amusing girl; I love when she said what she thinks in the coldest way… She loves music, clothes and shopping, hanging out with her friends, driving motocycle and quads and riding horses. She hates false people and arguing with te ones she loves. She always wants to accomplish all her obligations like taking his brother to football training and matches, working with her parents from time to time and studying hard in order to go to University. Her dream is going to New York city and having a horse when she grow up.

Laura’s 18 years old and lives in Montgat, wich is a town next to Badalona. She’s very talktative, sociable and the most I like from her is that she’s a very good friend when she’s sad or she have a problem. I’m sure Laura will be with me and will try to solve all my problems in order to make me feel happy.She loves animals, but the most thing that she hates is a spyder nest to next, because she hates these little animals and all the insects. She loves music, going to concerts, hanging out to anywhere, travelling and having a lot of friends. She’s also responsible too and a very good student, because she always do her homework and studies a lot for her exams. Her dream is having a monkey and a vegetarian tiger in her house…..

And now, we’re gonna add some photos of ourself and our friends too…

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That’s how we are, but is it isn’t enough here you have these links to know more about us: (Jenny’s link) (Laura’s link)

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In_ Athens dijo...

Hello Laura, Hello Jenny. Welcome.
Thanks for your decription. It's very interesting your vice cers description. Both of you are very pretty.

Will you come to Athens and when exactly?
We are waiting for you!

Please write to us about your friends and your towns. You write very well!
We have visited your spaces, we were listening your songs. We have some problems with spanish or catalan language, but never mind.

See you soon...