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This is how we are like.



My name’s Oriol Alegre. I was born in 1987.I live in Sant Adria de Besos, a town close to Badalona, where I study, but every day I go to school (Joan Maragall) by train or a bus.I’m twenty years old and I'm the oldest boy of my class.I’m studying the second year of Upper Secondary School.
I'm an outgoing boy and cheerful and with my friends I'm very caring.
I have straight hair and I'm tall and thin. I like going to school clean shaven.
I'm working in a hospital in the afternoons. I like the way of working in the hospital

The photo is mine and Mari, she goes to Greece in February.
we think that English is very difficult


Hi, my name is Xabi.

I’m nineteen and I was born in Barcelona. Now, I’m living near Barcelona, in Badalona which is a coast city.

I’m quite tall, thin, with dark hair and brown eyes.

The people who knows me says that I’m a funny and smiling boy. I like going out with my friends to the discotheques and night bars, playing basketball, surfing and travelling.

The basketball is part of my lifestyle. I spend a lot of hours training this sport and I’m a DKV Joventud (Peña) supporter.

Another sport that I like to watch is football and my favorite team is F.C. Barcelona

I’m waiting for travellinf to Greece and if it is posible to attend to a basketball match of your team.


' Hi, I'm Albert Abad and I'm 18 years old, I'm studying 2nd year of “Batxillerat” (=Upper Secondary School) and 6th of Medium Grade of Music Education.

I like listening to music, playing XBOX and night parties with friends.

I don't like too much going to school, (I don't like anything that starts at 8 o’clock. (Huh, huh, huh!!!!)
The only thing I appreciate at school is to meet people, and this is something that I enjoy a lot.

Here I write my fotolog adress if you want to see more photos :)

See you!'


Hi, my name is Lucila Morales. I’m nineteen years old and I am student of Joan Maragall school. When I finish, I want to be a teacher of primary school because I like so much children.

I live in a little village near Barcelona called El Masnou which has a wonderful beach and I love so much the sea.

My parents are from Argentina and every Christmas holidays I go there with my brother Tomás to meet my family.

In my free time I like swimming and going out with my friends. I like heavy music and my favourite group is “ Ojos de Brujo “ and “ Rapsus Klei “.

I have a boyfriend, his name is Guiu. He works with horses and plays basketball. He has a lovely dog whose name is Fura. We take it to the beach in summer, it likes so much running near the sea. I would like to have a dog but I live in a little flat.

I have a lot of piercings and I like tattoos much.


My name is Esther, I'm a thin, tall and blonde girl.
At first sight people think that I'm rude, but when you know about me I'm sympa and affectionate.
I like staying with my friends, going to parties with them. Also, I like playing videogames and my favourite music is House, Rock and Flamenco.

Best regards


Here is my personal description and some pictures that I took at Joan Maragall School, the place where I study the second course of Upper Secondary School.
Physically, I’m not a tall girl, I have a medium height and I’m thin. I am brown with a couple of rastas, that I consider shorts. I used to have more of them and longer, but I decided to cut them a few weeks ago. I have brown eyes with an almond shape, and I have a piercing on the left eyebrow.
I like to dress in a lot of colours and with a lot of caps, that is because I am usually cold and I need gloves, scarf, hats etc. to be a little warmer. I like to wear necklaces, it’s like a part of me, I feel very strange if I go out without a necklace, I like them a lot.
Personally, I use to be very friendly with everybody because I prefer to have good feeling with the people that are around me. My friends
tell me that I am very sympathetic and a very good adviser (maybe this is because I like a lot to analize people behaviour and because of this I would like to be a psychologist), but I also like to be advised by them and I always listen to the different opinions of my friends, because they help me a lot. I am very happy and I like to be positive but sometimes I have bad days, but this is not a problem because people that know me, know that it’s something normal in me and they just let me on my own and they don’t worry about it, because they know that I will be the same girl as always in a matter of time.
I am very calm and a little bit lazy. I like very much lying on my bed, sometimes I can spend a lot of hours there, talking with my friends and listening to music, something basic in my life, but also I like party a lot, and I like to spend a lot of hours in
I am also a very familiar girl, I like to take care of them and to participe in the events that happens in, I have a very good relationship with my parents and they know they can count on me.


My name is Marta.I am 16 years old. I live in the city of Barcelona.
I go to the school Joan Maragall of Badalona.I’m on the second course of
Upper Secondary School.
The subjects that I prefer are Philosophy and Business and Administration.
I consider myself a very nervous and restless person.
What I like is to listen to music, to go out with my friends...
When I finish this course, I would like to study Children Care Professional Studies.


Hi from Badalona!

I'm Fany, I'm studying 2nd grade of
Upper Secondary School, at Joan Maragall school.
I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm thin.
I like music a lot, I enjoy going to concerts and watch them on TV. I like singing with Singstar Game (a console game).
I like all kinds of music, but my favourite is House music. I think the best House DJ is Paco Maroto for my own.
I like shopping, I could spend many hours looking at all the stores windows.

Next year, I will be studying a specific formative course to become a technician of Assistance on personal appeareance, in this course you learn to advise people about dressing, making up and how to keep forms in a lot of different situations.

I live in
Badalona, a pretty little city near Barcelona, I will remark some good things about my city like nice people, and some kind places like turó del Caritg, a nice park, or Carrer del Mar, our nice High street to go shopping.

I invite you to come to
Badalona, I hope you’ll like it!

pd: the image is a fairy, I like them because they represent fantasy.

My best wishes.


My name is Adrian. I am a boy, and I am seventeen years old.

I am 1.70 tall.

Physically, I think that I am a normal person. I have brown hair, and brown eyes, the colour of my eyes is like honey, and I have a piercing in my nose.

My hobby is kickboxing, I practise it a lot and I like others sports too.

The second thing that it’s important for me is music, especially hip hop music.

I think that people think that I am usually a friendly and happy boy.


Hello, my names is Alba Marina I'm born in Barcelona city, but I live in Santa Coloma de Gramanet. I live with my mother and my grandmother. I am 17 years old. I am an outgoing girl, friendly and shy. I love travelling and painting. When I complete this course I want to study at university fine arts. My favourite subject is Maths.

I think that the school where I study and the teachers try to help us in any way they can and they offer us a good education, but students do not always respond well.

I have a pet named EVER and it is a white cat whit blue eyes. I look forward to meeting you in Greece and getting in contact with your culture and see the sights and monuments.



Hi! I’m a boy from Badalona(Barcelona). I am 18 years old, I have straight blond hair and my eyes are green,brown and blue. I’m 1,75 cm tall.

My favourite subjects are English and History. My hobbies are football and play football board. When I finish this course, I want to start Criminology or Administration and Finances. I am a person who tries to be a quite sympathetic friend of the entire world. I hope to meet you all there in Athens, kisses!

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In_ Athens dijo...

Hi boys and girls!

We are very glad for our communication via Internet (blog).
Thank you Xavi, Albert, Lucila, Esther, Raquel, Marta, Fani( beautiful fairy) for your photos and your texts about you as well.

We are waiting to meet you in Athens next February.
Please tell us about your travel in Greece! Which is your program?

We are waiting for Adrian's , Alba's, Enric's photos too.

We are going to visit Barcelona next April (from Monday to Friday 14-18/4/2008). On Saturday 19/4/08we 'll return to Athens again.

See you soon!